Table with approximate labor hours.

Mike’s Job: i4 / i6 Cyl.   V8 Cyl. All models Notes
1) Check engine light diagnostics. 2) ABS Light diagnostics. 3) Air bag light diagnostics. 4) Engine overheating diagnostics. 5) Drivability issues diagnostics – hesitation under load, idle surging, stalling, etc. 6) Short or open electric circuit diagnostics.7. A/C and heater systems diagnostics. Diagnostics starts at $89.50. The actual cost depends on the nature of the problem and any further testing that may need to be performed, e.g. – intake manifold smoke test, cylinder compression check, electric signal form/amplitude oscilloscope check, etc.
Front brake pads replacement ( both sides)   1
Front brake rotors and pads replacement ( both sides – see note)   2  Add 3 hrs. for replacement of captured rotors requiring removal of the hub
Rear brake pads replacement ( both sides)   1 Add 1hr. for emergency brake shoes replacement
Rear brake rotors and pads replacement ( both sides).   2 Add 1.25 hrs. for additional emergency brake shoes replacement
Valve cover gasket replacement – (see note).      2.5       5 Add 4 hrs. for engines with Valvetronic motor.
Intake manifold gasket replacement      3       3
Valley pan gasket replacement (V8 BMWs )       8
Upper timing chain cover and valve cover gaskets (both sides on V8’s)       10  Add 4 hrs. for newer engines with valvetronic motor
Lower timing cover gasket and Crank shaft seal replacement      14       16
Timing Chain and rail guides replacement      18       20
Clutch Replacement: Rear wheel drive cars with manual transmission (ex. BMW, Mercedes). See notes for front wheel drive cars (ex.  Honda, Acura, Toyota).       8       8 1) Honda Civic and Acura Integra – 7 hrs.2) Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, and Celica – 8 hrs.3) Add 1 hr. for flywheel replacement.
Crank case ventilation valve (CCV) replacement (BMW)        3        2
Oil filter assembly seal replacement ( 6 cyl. BMW )        2
Cooling system overhaul – replace radiator, both radiator hoses, expansion tank, water pump, thermostat, and fan clutch (see note)        5        8 1) Add 1 hr. for an additional heater water house replacement.2) Add 2.5 hrs. for engines with timing belt driven water pumps.
Cooling system – water pump replacement ( See note for timing belt driven water pumps on Honda, Acura, etc. )        2        5 1) Add 3.5 hrs. for engines with timing belt driven water pumps. 2) Add 2 hr. for electric water pumps on newer BMWs
Thermostat replacement         1.5        1.5
Radiator replacement           2
Alternator(serpentine) and AC belts replacement           1
Control arm or trailing arm replacement except older 3 series BMW – see note.      1      1 1) Add 0.5 hr. for older 3 series BMW front control arms with 2 ball joints and a bushing
Front wheel bearing on BMW, Mercedes, and rear wheel bearing on Honda, Acura, Toyota. ( See note for rear wheel bearings ).       2        2 1) Add 2 hr. for rear wheel bearing on BMW, Mercedes, and front wheel bearing on Honda, Acura, Toyota.
BMW Engine oil and filter change. Castrol synthetic oil and OEM filter included $107 $118
A/T fluid and filter change   3
Differential fluid change   1
Brake system flush and fluid replacement   1
Power steering fluid replacement   1
Fuel pump replacement   1.5
Fuel filter replacement   1.5  Add 1.5 hrs. for X3 and X5 BMW
Alternator replacement      2     3  Add 1.5 hrs. for newer 7 series BMW
Front Struts replacement – both sides      3     3  Add 2hrs. for AWD cars: ex. 325xi
Rear Shock absorber replacement – both sides (see note)      1     1.5 See next line for cars with coil over shock struts in the rear
Rear Struts replacement – for cars with coil over shock design – both sides (see note)      3     3  Most 5 and 7 series BMW
Timing belt, water pump, and pulleys/ tensioner replacement – Includes I-4 Cyl. Acura, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, BMW, and I-6 Cyl. BMW. (See note for V6 engines)      4     5 1) Add 1 hr. for 6cyl. Acura, Honda, Toyota vehicles.2) Add 4hrs. for 4cyl. and 6hrs. for 6cyl. Audi engines. 3)Add 1hr. per seal for cam or crank shaft seal replacement.
Steering rack/box replacement (see note) Call. Depends on model.
Spark plugs replacement – not including V6 engines. (See note)      1     1.5 Add 2.5 hrs. for most V6 engines
Window regulator replacement (per door)        3
Resealing door sound barrier for foot well water leaks        1.5
Door lock actuator replacement (per door)        3
Front Axle replacement 1.5 – 3.5  Depends on model
ABS control unit replacement and coding     2 – 5  Depends on model
Audi 4cyl. or 6cyl. camshaft chain tensioner gasket, half moon, and cam bore plug replacement – per bank.     3.5
Chrysler V6, 2.7L engine water pump replacement     9
 E90 bmw tension strut bushings replacement-per bush        1.5
 X5 rear subframe bushing replacement-per bush     1.5
 E39, E38, X5 bmw rear ball joint replacement-per side     2
 Headliner replacement     10